We know there are
those of you out there
who can't have nuts.
Therefore we made
Nudge Nudge Fudge
a nut-free facility
from the beginning.
Given our selection of
pure base ingredients,
combined with assur-
ance from suppliers,
you can be confident
in purchasing Nudge Fudge as a product
free from contact with
peanuts or tree nuts.

So all can enjoy!


Check the ingredient label. You can pronounce everything!
  We use authentic REAL ingredients to produce amazingly tasty treats.
No emulsifiers, stabilizers or preservatives for us.
You know what Nudge Nudge Fudge is made of - fresh dairy products - cream, milk, butter.

Like most good things in life, we believe fudge was made to be enjoyed at the moment and not to last forever; it's a delectable perishable product. The quality of our fudge is optimum if consumed within 75 days. We'll date stamp each package to assist you in appropriately rotating stock. Please order no more than you expect to sell in 60 days to ensure the utmost quality for your customers.

Nudge Nudge Fudge Inc. has offered quality fudge since 1996. It is an old family recipe brought to Canada from Ireland more than two generations ago. We are proud to remain true to the original ingredients and methods - making it one small batch at a time. It is handmade and hand packaged with care.

We are small family owned business and appreciate your support.