( available in both round & square gift
boxes and bars )

Pure, simple and absolutely delicious!

A rich, intense and decadent flavour is achieved by using a high grade quality cocoa.

Gift boxes are pack-
aged with equal amounts of chocolate
and vanilla unless specified otherwise
at time of ordering.

(available year round)
Pure Canadian maple syrup
is used in this all time favourite of
tourists and locals alike. Available in
gift boxes and bars.
  Mini marshmal-
lows strewn throughout the fudge --an
amazing contrast of textures. Packaged
with chocolate marshmallow & vanilla
marshmallow. NOT available in bars.
  Made with real
dried cranberries and the finest of
Canadian maple syrup. A truly Cana-
dian taste sensation to be savored!
NOT available in bars.
  Each season in Canada brings new delightful changes in our landscape. At Nudge Fudge we like to celebrate these changes in our fudge  

(available in both round & square gift
boxes only)

  During the month of September  
  Made with real pureed pumpkin. A wonderful way to
celebrate the harvest season and eat your orange vegetables! You might even want to share some at Thanksgiving!
  Made with pure Ontario apple butter and a hint of cinnamon. "Hello autumn!"  
  During November and December  
  Made with
premium eggnog, and a hint of cinna-
mon & nutmeg.
  Made with
molasses & ginger. The scent that
means the festive season is upon us!
During January & February
A wonderful, subtle cinnamon fudge. Just in time for the Valentine's season.